Famous British chef Jamie Oliver states that Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and specifically Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is ideal for frying.

31 de Mayo de 2013 - Jamie Oliver wrote in his blog a very interesting blogpost on the benefits of frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and declared that it is not only the best oil for frying but that, contrary to popular belief, it is good for our health.

The Junta de Andalucía recognises the innovation of the FRYING PLAN with Montabes Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the MONVA, S.L. company.

25 de Enero de 2013 - The research on MONTABES EVOO developed by MONVA and CITOLIVA has revealed the superiority of MONTABES Extra Virgin Olive Oil compared to “high oleic” sunflower oil through tests conducted at the CITOLIVA laboratory, which studied the quality of the fried food and its sensory aspects. Surprisingly, the research revealed that the economical factor was another advantage of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil for frying. Additionally, through this initiative called “Frying Plan” developed by MONVA in Spanish restaurants, the hospitality sector has witnessed the benefits of MONTABES EVOO over those of other refined oils.

Cooking indignation

15 de Enero de 2013 - The Cordoba biologist Anunciación Carpio Dueñas, one of Spain’s best experts on olive oil, was outraged by the erroneous declarations coming from a relatively famous cook on cooking with olive oil techniques.

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